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About Kay Turner Today

Welcome to Kay Turner Today, a place where food and memories blend as smooth as coffee and cream.

Why a blog? I have two southern ladies – my grandmother, Nanny, and my mother, Edie – to thank for being my first inspirations. Each was a master in the kitchen. Effortlessly, my mother gave beautiful dinner parties where her culinary and entertaining skills received rave reviews. Let me clarify that statement: Her efforts and results “appeared” effortless. Actually, I lacked firsthand knowledge because the only time I was in the kitchen was when it was time to set the table. With great flair I would execute, but I found out later that wasn’t the best training for feeding the family I would eventually have. And so it was. When it came time for me to walk down the aisle, my expectations were high. I felt confident that I would follow in my mother’s graceful footsteps, even though I had not baked a cookie.

Let’s just say the learning curve was steep. My college-football-playing-husband often found me in tears over a hot stove, staring at another disaster. Sounds of his growling stomach would echo in our tiny kitchen while he gently encouraged me with the words, “We can go eat at Mom’s.” I would sniffle, and nod in approval. His wonderful mother lovingly took this new, desperate bride under her wings, and taught me how to prepare mouth-watering, southern-style meals. Over time, I eventually found my place beside the women who went before me.

Years later, I built a successful catering and party business. But I decided that wasn’t enough.

My passion for food, especially desserts, and creating memories for the next generation, led to my assembling a personal cookbook for my children.

One that allows them to duplicate favorite recipes, and to carry on our traditions, while making new ones. It is from this book that I will share time-tested recipes, along with a few memories from another era.

Don’t we all yearn to have a place at the kitchen table where some of the best memories are made? A place where we find comfort food and a sense of belonging? I’ve created this blog so I might invite you into my home. Whether you prepare one meal a week, or one a month, I’m so happy you’re here. It’s my hope that we will find inspiration and make new traditions together. Ones that we can treasure through all seasons of life.

About Kay Turner

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Welcome to Kay Turner Today, a place where food and memories blend as smooth as coffee and cream.

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